Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK Unlimited Money

Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Rating: 3.9/5.0

Download CarX Highway Racing MOD APK

Version: 1.75.2

Downloads: 1M+

Size: 696 MB

We will introduce the best racing and gaming application named CarX Highway Racing MOD APK. This application has the same gameplay as the other racing apps, but this exciting application has been launched in recent years along with better graphics and a more modified layout. 

carX Highway Racing

What is CarX Highway Racing MOD APK 

The CarX Highway Racing MOD application is the dramatic and well-furnished version of the CarX Highway Racing game application. This version has been launched and contains all the necessary features and tools that are very beneficial in racing games. CarX Technologies developed the application. The latest version of the application is 1.75.2, which was freshly updated on May 15, 2024. The game is the best platform for all the users who love racing games and are willing to do different challenges. More information about this super exciting game application will be the chunk of today’s talk. Stay tuned to this article to learn more about the app.

Download CarX Street MOD APK

Carx Highway Racing MOD Details

App Name CarX Highway Racing MOD APK 
Requires Android Android 6.0+ 
Version 1.75.2
File Size 696 MB
Last Update May 15, 2024
Downloads 50,000,000+
Developer NameCarX Technologies 
MOD FeaturesUnlocked everything
Information Table

MOD versions 

Two MOD versions of CarX Highway Racing MOD APK are as follows: 


It contains the following: 

  • Unlimited Money 
  • Limitless Fuel 
  • Limitless Gold 
  • All Missions are Unlocked 
  • No Traffic 


  • Boundless Money 
  • Infinite Gold 
  • Play 100 Levels
  • VIP Unlocked 

Features of CarX Highway Racing APK 

carX Highway Racing features

The more exciting and stunning features of the CarX Highway Racing application will be discussed in detail. Read these features to increase your interest in the app. 

Speedy and Intense Highway Racing 

CarX Highway Racing MOD APK allows the users to experience more reality while playing the game. As the name shows, the game has unique highways to cross. Due to irregular paths or more roads, there is a high risk of facing accidents. However, the application provides a smooth and delicate pathway that allows you to feel the realistic environment. 

3D Graphics 

While playing other racing apps, you have not experienced the more realistic touch or 3D graphics. However, this game application allows you to experience more realistic visuals and 3D graphics that enhance players’ interest in playing this game. You are able to pretend to be driving, getting out of cars, or crossing the road only in the CarX Highway Racing app. 

Daily Challenges

A variety of challenges await the players as they test their driving ability. If you want to play more adventurous challenges, you can do this only with this game application. No other racing game app allows you to do this. You can win challenges and rank at the top of the scoreboard. Also, you will get unlimited rewards, including coins and money, after winning. The rewards and outputs of the challenging levels are higher and more interesting than the base or manageable levels. 

Variety of Modes 

The app offers multiple modes, which are given below

Day and Night Mode 

This mode is responsible for bringing the users into a day or night environment. If you choose night mode, you will experience a realistic night environment. All the street lights, billboards, and many other things are the same in real life. You can enjoy the evening or day by driving around Paris; this will bring you to Paris’s environment. Similarly, Texas roads give the best night experience.

Free Ride Mode 

This mode helps you drive efficiently and conveniently without following any law. You can drive with freedom without fear of the police. 

Police Mode 

If you want to be a police officer in the future, then CarX Highway Racing is the best option for practicing and fulfilling your dream. This interesting mode helps you bring back the laws on the roads. Be a policeman and catch the lawbreakers and other criminals. For this purpose, you can choose the car with the sound of Police Alert Sirene. Due to this, you can easily scare all the lawbreakers and criminals with the help of the sirene. 

Campaign Mode 

This mode assigns multiple tasks and challenges to the player. A plus point is that you can destroy the game’s famous empire, Winston. 

Variety of Cars 

Players can choose different types of cars, including Regular Cars, Muscle Cars, Sports cars, and Powerful Supercars, to conquer many adventurous challenges. CarX Highway Racing has more than 40 cars. 

Cars Customization 

CarX Highway Racing MOD APK permits users to tweak their cars according to their wishes or needs. You can select different vehicles with high or low speeds to compete with your opponents. 

You can change the body, tires, and engine to make your car more customizable and luxurious. This will help you play the game smoothly and win challenges against your opponents. 

Run away from Police 

If you want to cross the roads and conquer different challenges without following any laws or precautions, then this application is especially for you because it provides you with the opportunity to get more luxurious cars that will help you fulfill your needs. 

Points based on your performance 

In this game, you will earn or get points based on your performance. It’s all upon you to score high points and set your name on the top list of the scoreboard. You will get unlimited points that will convert into coins and money that users can utilize for various purposes, like purchasing new cars, customizing vehicles, and more.

MOD Features 

The MOD features of CarX Highway Racing APK are given below: 

Explore cents of level 

Dear buddies, you can explore more than 100 levels only in CarX Highway Racing MOD APK. No other racing game application offers this feature. 

VIP completely unlocked 

Only CarX Highway Racing MOD APK allows users to unlock all the VIP features. You can use the VIP features by doing challenges or investing coins or money. 

Unlimited Money and Coins 

After playing the challenge, you will receive a few coins as a reward, but if you win, you will receive unlimited money and coins that the players can use for various purposes. 

What’s new in this latest version? 

This modified version contains the following: 

  • Optimization of different features 
  • Fixation of Bugs 
  • Addition of many Modes including Drifting, Flee from Police
  • Explore 100+ Levels 
  • Unlimited Money and Gold 
  • Day and Night Mode 
  • No Ads 
  • Campaign Mode 

Old Versions of Carx Highway Racing MOD APK 

The older versions of the application are almost similar to this new one. The addition of new features and modification of the older features have been done in the latest version. The few older versions of CarX Highway Racing MOD APK are listed here: 

  • Version 1.75.0 has been updated on January 4, 2024 
  • Version 1.74.6 has been updated on July 15, 2022
  • Version 1.74.1 has been updated on July 30, 2021 
  • Version 1.64.1 has been updated on October 19, 2020
  • Version 1.63.2 has been updated on August 7, 2020 

CarX Highway Racing MOD APK Download Process 

Here is the method to get this application on your Android. This application is almost compatible with all devices, including iOS. However, the app demands a few limitations from your device. 

carX Highway Racing procedure

System Requirements 

The CarX Highway Racing MOD APK requires the following limitations from your device. 

  • Android should be of version 6.0+ 
  • It is necessary to have the free space of more than 800 MB to run the app 
  • Allow the exchequers to download the app without any restriction 

Download Route 

To download the CarX Highway Racing MOD APK you need to pursue the given below steps: 

  • Download the APK file of this game application from a trustworthy source 
  • Now locate the Downloads of your Android from the File Manager 
  • Search the downloaded APK file of CarX Highway Racing MOD, and open it  

Installation Commands 

After unzipping the downloaded file, you must install the straightforward and convenient app.

  • Open the application 
  • Click on the Install Knob 
  • In a few seconds, this exciting application will be part of your device 

CarX Highway Racing for PC 

Install the application on a PC and have the downloaded BlueStacks Emulator. After acquiring the emulator, follow the steps below to make the app part of your PC.

  • Open the BlueStacks Emulator 
  • Write CarX Highway Racing MOD APK on the search bar 
  • Permit it to browse the app 
  • Pick up the desired one 
  • Unwind the app after downloading 
  • Give a clunk on the Install Button to initiate the Installation Process 

Yahoo!!! After a while, you will see the super exciting application on your PC desktop screen. 

CarX Highway Racing for iOS 

This stunning application is also compatible with iOS devices. It is compatible with iOS version 11.0 or later. To experience the graphics of the app on your iOS, you need to follow the steps listed below. 

  • Step 1: First download the file of the application from the authentic website to avoid any restriction (prefer one is this article)
  • Step 2: Now Navigate towards the Alt Store and locate the Apps Tab 
  • Step 3: Then Locate the downloaded file and open it by pressing on its Icon 
  • Step 4: Now Alt Store demands your Apple ID and Password; fill this column to move ahead
  • Step 5: After a while, Alt Store will start the process of installation of the CarX Highway Racing MOD APK 

Enjoy the application on any device with the best and most modified graphics to feel the more realistic environment in the game.

Pros And Cons

The application has many advantages, a few of them are as follows: 


Best Platform to Practice Skills :The application is designed with unique and exciting gameplay that allows the player to practice his driving skills conveniently without any restrictions. You can test your skills after facing complex and adventurous challenges. 

Play Online and Meet Buddies: You can not only play solo but also play with multiple players simultaneously. This will help you to need buddies from all over the world. You can expand your friend’s circle by playing a racing game with more than one player at a time. 

Win Unlimited Rewards: After winning any level or challenge, a player will receive unlimited rewards, including money and gold. The winning amount can be used to purchase cars or car parts such as engines, gears, tires, and mirrors. 

Variety of Cars to opt for: CarX Highway Racing MOD APK offers more than 40 types of cars to its users to experience more realistic and exciting events. You can drive the vehicle on the roads and fly among the clouds. Many other types of sports cars are also available for better results to compete with opponents. 

Customization of Car: You can design your car by purchasing different tools. You can buy these tools using winning amounts or coins. You can create any vehicle according to your preferences.

Variety of Modes to compete with opponents: Multiple Modes like Drifting, Flee from Police, Day and Night Mode are present in CarX Highway Racing MOD APK. 


The disadvantages of the app are not very vast. Only a few are available that are mostly negligible.

  • You can play offline only when you want to play solo, which means if you want to play online or with multiple players you need an Internet connection. 
  • You can not take part in daily challenges without an Internet connection. 
  • Sometimes, the scenery all around seems very boring. 

Final Verdict 

The best gaming application has all the necessary attributes and graphics that are asked by the players in a game application. Multiple types of cars, various modes, realistic graphics, and the best sound system make the game the best compared to the rest of the gaming apps. This CarX Highway Racing MOD APK has almost all the new and unique features lacking in other game applications; that’s why the demand for the app is increasing daily due to its super exciting gameplay. We recommend this app to all those who want to test or practice their driving skills and are fond of racing game apps. This will satisfy you by providing sufficient and easy-to-understand tools. Daily challenges in the app attract users’ attention because they allow users or players to practice driving and prepare themselves for competing against opponents. 


The queries that are asked by the users related to CarX Highway Racing MOD APK are given below: 

Which locations do Carx Highway Racing provide to its players? 

The queries that are asked by the users related to CarX Highway Racing MOD APK are given below: 

Does CarX Highway Racing need any money to download? 

No, the application is entirely free of charge. You can install the app without any funding. 

Can we download the app via third party sites? 

It isn’t easy to download the app via a third party because third-party software like ADM and IDM is blocked for some reason.

Name the modes that are offered by CarX Highway Racing MOD APK? 

The app offers multiple modes, such as Campaign Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Day and Night Mode, Time Travel Mode, Police Mode, and Free Fire Modes. 

Which things make the environment of the game more realistic? 

In this game, you will see many things that are near reality. For example, while driving, you can encounter accidents, car crashes, petrol shortages, tires screeching, fear of getting caught by police, and many other things. All these can be seen in the game, which makes the gameplay more realistic and exciting. 

How many types of cars are available in the CarX Highway Racing MOD APK? 

The app allows users to select from more than 40 cars and customize them according to their preferences. 

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