CarX Street MOD APK Download Latest v1.3.3 for PC 2024

CarX Street MOD APK Download Latest v1.3.1 for Android 2024

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CarX Street MOD APK for PC

Version: 1.3.3

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We are all familiar with apps, but not all apps can efficiently operate on PCs, especially game applications. But we will announce the complete download process of the super duper game application for PC. In this way, you can play and enjoy the game on a big screen, which increases your interest in the app. The application discussed in this article, Carx Street MOD APK for PC, is the best racing and gaming application for all sports lovers. 

CarX Street MOD APK Download Latest v1.3.2 for PC 2024

Carx Street MOD APK for PC is an application that allows players to play different racing challenges with multiple players worldwide. After conquering many levels, the application rewards multiple and countless bonuses. This article covers all the necessary details related to the features, download process, advantages and disadvantages, and other app details. We will discuss everything regarding the app in this piece of content. Stay with this site to get more exciting information about the app.

What is CarX Street Mod APK for PC?

We are all familiar with Racing applications. With time, many new and exciting game applications are launched after every passing day. But the game application for PC that is getting more popular in running time is only Carx Street MOD APK. It is a realistic game application that immerses players in a real-life environment. Carx Technologies launched this game with many new features and well-modified tools that enhance the outlay of your app more beautifully and attractively. The following is complete, detailed information about the app. 

The gameplay of Carx Street MOD APK for PC 

Dear players, You can play this game on your PC with an emulator. The BlueStacks Emulator is the most preferred one for running any application without restriction. You can also use the LD player, another Android emulator, to play any game on a PC or Laptop. The amazing aspect is that you can also plug in a Remote Control to your PC if you want to play games with a controller. Another exciting thing is changing the Emulator settings to get more graphics and new tools. 

Download CarX Street MOD APK for Android

App details for PC

App Name Carx Street MOD APK for PC 
Developer Name Carx Technologies, LLC
File Size 1.24 GB 
Latest Version 1.3.3
Last Update May, 2024 
Operating System Windows 7,8,10,11
App Details

How to Download CarX Street MOD APK for PC?

Dear fellows, this is an excellent opportunity for all PC users to download games. The process is not so tricky; you just need to follow these steps to get the app on your device. 

CarX Street MOD APK v1.3.2 (Unlimited Money) for PC

Requirements for PC

Your PC must meet a few requirements to make this astonishing game application part of your device. You can download the application with these. 


  • The CPU should be an Intel or AMD processor like x86 or x86_64
  • Without this need, you are not able to download the application. 

Graphics Driver 

  • The Windows must have Windows DirectX 11 or a Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0 

Disk Space 

  • To play Carx Street MOD APK on your PC, you need a disk space of 100 GB. This will help you run the application smoothly.  


  • Currently, most people want to play games or use other applications on a PC without any restrictions. To have any app on your PC, you must have Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 11. After using any of these systems, you can efficiently operate any app on your device. 


  • Your PC’s Random Access Memory (RAM) should be 16 GB. 


  • Enabling VT is very compulsory before plating. 

Internet Connection 

  • Also, make sure to have a strong Internet Connection while downloading the app. An Internet connection is necessary when you are playing a game, and it will help you play multiplayer games. 

Free Space 

  • There should be more than 2 GB of extra space to operate the application smoothly and finely. 

Download Route 

The Carx Street MOD APK can be played on PC with the help of LD Player. LD Player is a platform with unlimited features that give you a realistic game experience. The downloading procedure is just a few clicks. Follow the below steps to get the application.

  • At very first, Install the LD Player 
  • Navigate Play Store in system apps 
  • Sign In with the help of your Google Account 
  • Write Carx Street MOD APK in the research bar 
  • Pick up your desired application 
  • Then, download the application

Now, the following steps are for the installation process. 

Installation Process 

  • Locate the downloaded file of Carx Street from the Downloads of your device 
  • Open it and click the Install Button 
  • Go towards the LD Player main screen 
  • Click on the icon of the game and start enjoying the exciting game application

Download the Procedure with the help of BlueStacks Emulator 

The download process is almost similar to the above-mentioned LD Player process. Pursue the following steps to get an app on your PC with the help of Emulator. 

  • Download BlueStacks Emulator on your PC 
  • Download the game application by typing its name on the Search Bar
  • Allow it to browse 
  • Pick up the Carx Street MOD APK for PC from the list 
  • Open the app and tap on the Install Button 

With these steps, a player can download the game application without any hurdles using an emulator. 

Features of Carx Street MOD APK 

The most exciting attributes of Carx Street MOD APK for PC are given below: 

CarX Street MOD APK Download Latest features for PC 2024

Limitless Gameplay 

To play this game app, you first need to learn about the app briefly. The game application has many graphics that help you unlock new levels after winning the previous ones. You can’t go to the higher level quickly without passing the earlier levels. 

3- Dimensional Physics

The members or players participating in this game can show themselves in game outlay by having 3-dimensional graphics. All the portrayals seem very realistic while you are playing. It will sink the player deeply as he feels himself playing in the game. 

Several Types of Cars 

There is a vast variety of Cars that help users conquer many challenges. Players mostly use RWD, AWD, and Sprint Racing cars, as these cars are fast enough to win the race. As we know, drifting is the magical mode of Carx Street, and RWD cars are specially designed to perform best in huge drifts. 

Customization Options 

You can create your car by selecting many customization tools. You can also change the parts of the car, such as engines, tires, vehicles, brakes, and other parts, to make them the best and super fast to win the challenges. 

Game Modes

Carx Street MOD APK has many modes that will help the users win different game challenges. The modes that this game has are the following: 

  • Drifting 
  • Police Mode 
  • Racing Mode 
  • Time Travel Mode 

Unlimited Rewards 

Carx Street MOD APK provides unlimited bonuses, coins, and money as a reward to its players. Players can invest this winning amount in purchasing different vehicles or vehicle parts like engines, tires, etc. 

Fastest Activity 

While playing via PC, a player can experience a very new and fast game. You can play on a big screen and use remote controls. 

Friendly Environment 

The environment of the game is very realistic and user-friendly. An outlay of the app is very easy to understand. 

Latest Version of Carx Street MOD APK for PC

The updated version of Carx Street MOD APK for PC of 2024 is version 1.3.3 

Old versions of Cars Street MOD APK for PC 

These include the following: 

  • Version 1.3.1 last updated on March 28, 2024
  • Version 1.1.1 last updated on November 21, 2023 
  • Version 0.9.2 last updated on June 15, 2023 
  • Version 0.8.5 last updated on February, 2023 
  • Version 0.9.0 last updated April 19, 2023 

What’s new in this updated version? 

This upgraded Carx Street MOD APK version has the following modifications and additions that make the game more exciting. 

  • Addition of Time Travel Mode
  • Police Mode 
  • More Visual Graphics 
  • Best quality sound system 

Latest Update of 2024

The version 1.3.3 was updated in the running year on April 27, 2024. The fantastic thing about the application is that you can update the application when a notification is received. However, you need to update the application manually, which is the only disadvantage of this app.  

Comparison of Carx Street MOD APK and other Racing game applications 

Features Other Racing Game Carx Street MOD APK 
Variety of Cars No Yes 
3-Dimensional Portrays Yes Yes 
Customizing Car Option NoYes 
Variety of Modes NoYes 
Number of Cars Limited to 10 only More than 30 
Unlimited Rewards No Yes 
comparison table

Tips & Tricks to play Carx Street MOD APK for PC

Here are some tips on how to play this game efficiently and smartly. These tips and tricks are especially useful for beginners who are new to any Racing application. 

Learn your Map

Learning maps helps you reach your target faster and more smoothly. You can navigate the desired directions to reach your target. Carx Street Sunset City has four different zones, including Midtown, Industrial, Suburb, and Port. You can easily opt for any of these zones to reach your destination. 

Earn Silver 

Make silver as much as you can. This will help you during the entire game. A player will get many chances of earning silver.

Know your Legends 

Legends in Carx Street MOD APK are House, Shops, Gas Stations, Customizing Shops, etc. You can utilize these legends in a way that allows you to drop your car off in-house and alter it with another one. Gas Stations help you refill your tanks. You can upgrade your car from an upgrading shop. This will provide you with many upgrading tools, including engines, tires, windows, seats, etc. 

Know your Car 

This is an essential thing to know about your car. You have to select an efficient model that helps you in racing. If you are new to the sport, it can be difficult to understand how to choose a vehicle. That’s why, before starting any race, select the right car with upgraded equipment. 

Carx Street MOD APK Pros

The advantages that this application possesses are given below: 

  • Massive variety of New Cars 
  • Customization Option of Cars 
  • Best Visual and Audio Graphics 
  • Best Sound System 
  • Higher FPS
  • Multi-Instance 
  • Macros 
  • Free to play
  • Free to Install 
  • Operations Recordings 
  • Unlimited Rewards as Unlimited Money, Countless Coins, and limitless Bonuses. 

Carx Street MOD APK Cons 

The application is so exciting and interesting that the one or two disadvantages matter no more. The disadvantages that the application has are listed below: 

  • It would help if you had an Internet Connection to play with friends from all over the world 
  • The update process is not automatic 

My Experience 

I have started playing Carx Street MOD APK for PC. I felt very excited while playing my favorite racing game app on the big screen. Playing on the big screen is realistic and exciting. This is the best platform for race lovers and beginners who want to practice their skills. 


If you are fond of games, especially racing or remote-controlled games, then the Carx Street MOD APK for PC is the best choice. This game provides many fully modified features that help the player start the game more conveniently and efficiently. 

Dear Users, to spice up this game, customize your cars by selecting elements from customization options. This game offers never-ending challenges for its players and provides a huge platform for sports lovers to practice their skills. All the zones and graphics seem so realistic that a player can experience or feel himself sinking into the game’s outlay. 

I want to say that this is the best racing game application. Try this at least once to make your experience excellent and realistic. 

Is there any need to install LD Player before downloading the app on a PC? 

Yes, you need an Android Emulator. The most favorable is the BlueStacks Emulator on your PC. Without this, you can’t download the application. 

What are the MOD features of Carx Street MOD APK for PC? 

The Carx Street MOD APK provides the following MOD features: 
Unlimited Money 
Unlimited Rewards 
Unlimited Coins 
Speed & Nitro 
Unlocked all Cars 

Is it possible to utilize winning money? 

Yes, you can use your unlimited money to upgrade your car and purchase various tools for upgrading vehicles. 

When was the Carx Street MOD APK for PC created? 

The Carx Street for PC was created on April 22, 2022. 

Is there any need for Penny to install the app on PC? 

You can install Carx Street MOD APK for PC at zero cost. 

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