CarX Street MOD APK v1.3.3 (Unlimited Money) for Android

CarX Street MOD APK Download Latest v1.3.3 for Android 2024

Rating: 4.0/5.0

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Version: 1.3.3

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Size: 1.2GB

Welcome to CarX Street Mod APK, a superb racing game where you can drive fast cars on city streets. This game version has extra features and unlimited stuff to make it more fun. You can customize your cars and show off your driving skills in races. Download CarX Street Mod APK now, and prepare for exciting street racing action!

We are all fond of game applications. Gaming apps may become popular after every passing day. If you want to spend your leisure time having fun, this content benefits you. This article brings up a fantastic game application named Carx Street MOD APK. This game application can also be easily downloaded and installed on Android, iOS, and PC.

What is CarX Street MOD APK?

Carx Street Mod APK is a game application that allows users to experience many features restricted in the standard version, e.g., unlimited money, unlocked cars, additional fun modes, free leaderboard titles, restriction-free rides, adventure and compelling cop chase. You can pick up any vehicle to make your gameplay more exciting and friendly. The application provides boundless money to its users after conquering challenges. This MOD can be used in many ways. This application also offers limitless Coins and Bonuses.

What is CarX Street?

Carx Street is a famous street racing game by Carx Technologies LLC, known for its realistic gameplay and amazing graphics. The game offers a compelling experience with swift and dramatic collisions. With a focus on detail, the developers have created a lifelike feel. The gameplay is simple: win races to climb the leaderboard and earn bonus points for purchasing cars. The game features different storylines and challenges, offering endless opportunities to earn rewards.

Gameplay of CarX Street

Carx Street features racing car gameplay that provides a realistic experience to users. Players can conveniently play against many opponents and easily take part in different challenges like drifting, high-speed racing, etc. The new versions have been modified to remove the limitations of selecting limited cars and challenges. You can customize your cars according to your choice and needs. The overall gameplay of Carx Street is very easy, simple, and restriction-free.

Application Details

App Name CarX Street 
Developer Name CarX Technologies
File Size 1.24 GB 
GenresRacing Game
Last Version 1.3.3
Last Update Jun, 2024 
MOD Info Unlocked (Money, Cars)
Requires Android 5.0+ 
Rating 4.0
CarX Street Mod APK details

Features of CarX Street Mod APK

CarX Street unlimited money feature

Unlimited Money

Dear Users, it seems amazing to earn and play at the same time. This Hi-Fi game provides the opportunity to earn unlimited money. You can also utilize this money in many ways. You can earn countless amounts on every level and use them in various ways. 

CarX Street unlimited coins feature

Unlimited Coins

This feature gives you a chance to upgrade your interface. You can earn coins, which you can use to upgrade your gameplay, making your racing experience more enjoyable. 

CarX Street unlocked cars feature

Unlock Cars 

In other Racing Game applications, this opportunity needs to be present. You have to play a game to win or get a new car. But this application has unlocked all the cars that grab the attention of racers and gamers.

CarX Street no ads feature

Ads Free

Sometimes, notifications and ads while playing seem irritating. To sort out this problem, the recently launched version of Carx Street is free from advertisements and messages. You can play games without any restrictions. 

CarX Street unlimited fun feature

Fun Modes 

The game undoubtedly has many of the best and most interesting modes. But there is an addition of a new and vibrant mode. This mode works in a way that allows you to choose different tracks, including short, narrow, etc., that help you to win the race.

CarX Street free rides feature

Free Rides without any Restriction 

Another amazing attribute is that this game has no more rules, restrictions, storylines, and updates. This feature is very helpful and allows you to play the game smoothly. You can select any theme, challenge, and destination.

CarX Street earn titles feature

Earn title on Leaderboard

This game application is the best platform to showcase your racing talent to people worldwide. You can score as high as you want and become the top-ranked member. It will show your skills, interests, and talent to the whole world. 

CarX Street cop car chase feature

Thrilling Cop Chase experience

If you want to become a Cop, you can experience this using CarX Street. Only this game application allows the user to select the cop experience. You can drive your car as fast as possible to catch people who break laws and traffic rules. 

CarX Street cop various gaming modes feature

Various Gaming Modes 

The gaming modes that CarX Street MOD APK provides to users include Drifting, High-Speed Driving, and many more. Various gameplay is a new feature that has been added to the app, and it boosts the application’s ranking day by day. 

CarX Street various cars feature

Variety of Cars

A variety of cars can be purchased at any time. All the vehicles are free from locks. You can select your favorite cars to begin the race. 

CarX Street play online with friends feature

Play Online with Friends 

You can play this game online with people from all over the world. This experience will be very competitive because you will race with many opponents. However, the positive aspect is that if you win your challenge against your opponent, you will get unlimited coins and money that users can utilize in many ways.

Gaming Features of Carx Street Mod APK

Realistic Graphics 

This game has been launched according to new car designs and technologies. You will experience more reality when you are playing this game. This game is designed so that its infrastructure gives you the experience of reality that you are driving in streets and various pathways. 

Day and Night Mode 

You can select Day and Night Mode. If you want to experience Night Racing, you can select Night Mode. It all seems like night; the hustle and bustle is more realistic, similar to night in daily life. In night mode, you can also turn on the lights of your cars, which look very beautiful in gameplay. 

Improved and Impressive Sound Quality 

Carx Street has the most upgraded sound system. All the sound feels non-fictional while you are playing a game. 

Customizing Cars 

This racing application lets you make your own cars according to your design and style. You can customize cars in any way or style you want. 

Unlock Bonuses

The app has many bonuses you can easily unlock after winning different levels.

Tuning of Cars

You can give a competitive edge to your cars that are specially designed to beat your opponents. You can tune your cars by checking the gear, ratio, and pressure. This way, you can tune your vehicle, which will help you drive fast and win the level. 

Carx Street Mod APK for Android 

Carx Street MOD APK supports almost all Android devices. You can easily play this game on Android. However, this application demands a few limitations from Android to allow you to play it smoothly without any restrictions. 


The requirements that Carx Street Mod APK demands from your device are listed below: 

  • Upto date android version.
  • Free Space in device.
  • Allow unknown sources to install CarX Street mod APK.

Download CarX Street Mod APK

The procedure for downloading the Carx Street MOD APK consists of the following steps: The steps will help you install the application without any restriction. 

how to download carx street mod apk for android
  1.  Download this game application from or any other authentic website. 
  2. Move towards the “File Manager” of your device. 
  3. Navigate the “Downloads” and open it.
  4. Here, you will see the downloaded file of this game application. 

Install CarX Street Mod APK

The installation Commands cover the following steps. 

how to install carx street mod apk for android
  • Navigate Carx Street Mod APK file from Downloads folder.
  • Select downloaded file of CarX Street Mod APK.
  • Allow unknown sources from settings of device.
  • Click on installation button to install game in your device. 
  • In some seconds, this stunning game application will be the installed in your device.
  • Open the application and enjoy. 

Learn How to Play Carx Street Game.

Carx Street for PC

To play this amazing game application on your PC, you need an Emulator. Without an emulator, you cannot play any game. The installation of Carx Street MOD APK requires the following steps. Follow these and make your leisure time more entertaining and interesting. 

  • Step 1: Download the “BlueStacks” emulator from a trustworthy platform. 
  • Step 2: Then, download the APK file of Carx Street from an Authentic site. Copy the downloaded link. 
  • Step 3:  Give access to the emulator and paste the link on the search tab.
  • Step 4: Allow the application to browse, select your desired application, and open it.
  • Step 5: After opening, you will see the Install Button on the right side. Just tap on it and wait a while to complete the installation process. 

Carx Street MOD APK is now installed successfully on your Desktop screen. Open the application and play this in your free time for fun and entertainment. 

Latest Update of Carx Street 

The Carx Street MOD APK was updated on April 27, 2024. This version includes many advancements and new features. 

Latest Version of Carx Street 

The newest version of Carx Street MOD APK is version 1.3.3. This version is almostly the same as the older ones; a few features have been added, and modifications made to this recent version. 

Download CarX Street APK for iOS

What’s new in this version? 

This new version of Carx Street comes along with the addition of new and cool features. Also, many other modified versions were added. The new things that have been added in this version are listed below: 

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Variety of New Cars
  • Unlock all Cars
  • Removal of Advertisements
  • Unlock the Customization Tools
  • Play games Offline as well when you are playing Solo
  • More Realistic Experience 
  • Day and Night Mode
  • Addition of more Game Modes
  • Upgrade option of Cars
  • Tuning of Cars
  • Prohibit Collisions 

Old Versions of CarX Street Mod APK

The few old versions of Carx Street MOD APK are here. 

  • Version 1.3.0 last updated on March 20, 2024 
  • Version 1.2.1 last updated on December 29, 2023 
  • Version 1.2.0 last updated on December 21, 2023
  • Version 1.1.1 last updated on November 21, 2023 
  • Version 0.9.4 last updated on August 29, 2023 

Similar Apps to CarX Street 

The game applications that are similar to Carx Street MOD APK are listed below: 

Comparison of Original and Carx Street Premium 

Features Original Carx Street Premium 
CarsOnly few cars available Unlocked all the Cars 
Graphics & Gameplay Low Quality High Quality 
Money Limited Unlimited Money 
Comparison table

Reason to play Carx Street MOD APK? 

After exploring this article, I think you have the answer to this question. Carx Street is a super duper game application that is being praised by many players and game lovers every day. It helps you practice in a very realistic environment with many interesting and modified features. This experience boosts your interest in racing. This application is very entertaining, and you all should try it. 

Carx Street Advantages 

Every application must have advantages that are essential to attract a large community. Similarly, this Carx Street MOD APK has the following advantages. 

  • Easy to access

Any game becomes more exciting and fun-loving when all of its modes and controls are under the user’s hand and easy to understand and operate. This game also has a very interesting interface that is very easy to understand and convenient to use. The main thing is only practice. As we all know, “Practice makes the man perfect.” This game also needs some practice to be a professional gamer. 

  • Unlimited Attributes 

This game application provides countless features and challenges to its users. You can test your skills here and become a pro gamer. We all want to lead in any challenge, so if you are also from one of them, this game is for you. Win every level and move towards your next target. 

  • Easy to download 

Another fabulous benefit of the application is that it’s free from any cost. If you want to get this game application, Carx Street, on your device without any hurdle, you can download the application from the provided link. The download process is very convenient and simple, making the app’s rating higher. 

  • Eye Catching Gameplay 

Dear Users, If you are a Racer or Sports Lover, then this Carx Street MOD APK is going to be very interesting for you. The sound system’s quality is very impressive, and all the other features are very simple and modified. The Carx Street app provides the most realistic experience to its users.

  • Online Friends 

You can play Carx Street MOD APK all over the world. In this way, you have a great chance to make new friends. You can play this game with anyone from any corner of the world. 

  • Offline Availability

You can play this game offline only when you want to play solo. If you play with your opponent, you will need an Internet connection. 

  • Premium Features 

This application provides premium features such as unlimited cars, money, gems, and many more unlocked features. 

Carx Street Disadvantages 

The disadvantages of the application are listed here: 

  • The application needs an Internet Connection; you can’t play the game without the Internet.
  • As we all know, this application is not interlinked with the Google Play Store, and its update system is not Automatic. You can update the app manually whenever you want.
  • The application has limited social features that our users do not love. 
  • The application has many updates that sometimes feel irritating.

Final Verdict 

The Carx Street MOD APK is a gaming application for racers and game lovers. This application provides a realistic experience to its users. Its convenient and friendly layout makes it more popular among our youth. Its mesmerizing and interesting features make it unique and demanding from all the other racing applications. 

The application has many different and unique modes that help you experience more realistic and exciting things. My final words are that if you are a real lover or a racer, then you must give this application a chance. Your experience will be on another level. If you want to select different cars and modes, then just go and try this application from the link provided in this piece of content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The queries related to CarX Street MOD APK are given below.  

Does Carx Street MOD APK support Android devices?

Yes, this game is compatible with all Android devices. This article also mentions the procedure for installing this application on Android. 

Is Carx Street Mod APK free to download or not? 

Yes, this game application is free to download and play. All the features are unlocked, and you can utilize any of them. 

How much space does this application require to be a part of Android? 

Your Android must have the free space of 2GB to play this game smoothly.

Can I change the language in Carx Street? 

Yes, you can select any language of your choice. For this change, press the arrow three times, scroll down to navigate the language option, and pick the one you desire. 

Can we find the Carx Street MOD APK on the Google Play Store? 

No, You can not locate this amazing application on the Google Play Store. To enjoy the app, you can download it from the link provided

Is it true that we can get unlimited money and gems through this game? 

Yes, dear buddies, you can win unlimited money and diamonds through this game application. Isn’t it amazing and cool? If you nodded yes, then why are you waiting for it? Go and install the application as early as possible. 

Which features are offered by this game? 

This game application offers the following features to its users. 
Unlimited Money 
Unlock all Cars
Variety of Cars
Ads-free experience 
Unlimited Gems 

How many kinds of Racing modes are there in this game application? 

The Racing modes that this application has are listed below: 
Time Attack 

How many players can play in this game simultaneously? 

Multiple players are allowed to come in and play this game worldwide. 

What makes the app more unique and interesting than other racing game applications? 

This game application is very different from the rest of the racing apps in that it has unique graphics, the best sound system, unlimited cars, the option to select a variety of vehicles and pathways, a realistic experience, and many more. 


Maaz Ibrahim | Author CarX Street APK

I am Maaz Ibrahim, a games graphics expert at CarXTech. I am also providing mod versions of CarX games. I am passionate about enhancing the gaming experience by improving graphics and adding new features. My work ensures that players can enjoy better visuals and performance. At CarxTech, I am committed to ensuring high-quality graphics that make gaming more enjoyable for everyone.

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