How to Customize your favorite Cars in CarX Street Game

How to Customize your favorite Cars in CarX Street Game

CarX Street racing game offers a complete driving experience with its extensive car customization features. Players can personalize their cars in many ways. You can change the paint, add stickers, and upgrade parts like the engine and suspension. These customizations not only make the cars look unique but also improve how they drive. Whether you are a casual gamer or a car enthusiast, customization options of CarX Street provide a fun and exciting way to enjoy racing.

Customization Process in CarX Street

In CarX Street APK, car customization is essential for making your vehicle look amazing. You can modify the car’s appearance with body kits, paints, wraps, wheels, tires, decals, stickers, and neon lights. Create a unique and eye-catching design for your car that sets it apart from others with these options.

Enhancing your car’s performance is equally crucial as improving its aesthetics. You can increase your car’s speed and handling by upgrading the engine, suspension, brakes, and transmission. Additionally, installing lighter wheels and a nitrous system can further enhance your car’s performance on the track. These modifications assist in creating a high-performance vehicle that excels in races.

Making custom designs lets you express your creativity and gain recognition within the CarX Street community. Testing your modifications ensures they work smoothly, allowing you to make necessary adjustments. By continually improving your car with new parts and techniques, you can stay competitive and enjoy a better gaming experience.

Enter in Car Garage

In CarX Street, the Garage is where you can customize your cars. To start customizing, go to the Garage from the main menu. Here, you can see all your cars on display. The Garage has all the tools you need for customization, making it easy to modify your car. Just browse your car collection and click on any car you want to customize.

Basic Customization of Car

After choosing your car, you can start customizing it. There are several basic areas to focus on, each offering different ways to enhance your vehicle.

Basic Customize Your Appearance

Customize Your Appearance

Visual customization allows you to alter the appearance of your car., giving it a unique style that sets you apart from other racers. Here’s how you can customize your car:

  • Body Kits: These change your car’s bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers, altering its aerodynamics and appearance. Pick a kit that matches your car’s style and gives it a more aggressive look.
  • Paints and Wraps: You can change your car’s color with paints or wraps. Paints offer solid colors, while wraps give you intricate designs. Try different colors and designs to find what suits your style. You can even match or contrast with team colors or rival cars.
  • Wheels and Tires: New wheels and tires can enhance the appearance and performance of your car. They affect your car’s grip, handling, and style. Choose wheels that look good and match the type of racing you do. Larger wheels can improve stability, while lighter ones can help with acceleration.
  • Decals and Stickers: Add decals and stickers to give your car a personal touch. These can be simple logos or elaborate graphics. Use them to show off your style, support your team, or intimidate your opponents.
  • Neon Lights: Consider adding neon lights to your car for night racing. They improve visibility, make your car stand out, and give it a stylish glow. Choose colors that complement your car’s look for a fantastic and stylish effect at night.

Boost Your Car’s Performance

Performance customization is key to making your car faster, handle better, and perform its best on the track. Here’s how you can enhance your car’s performance:

  • Engine Upgrades: Improve your engine to increase power and efficiency. Upgrades like turbochargers, superchargers, and advanced exhaust systems can significantly boost your car’s speed and acceleration. Focus on parts that give the best performance gains.
  • Suspension and Brakes: Upgrading your suspension system and brakes improves handling and stopping power. To maximize control and safety during high-speed races, it’s crucial to balance your car upgrades for optimal handling and quick stopping. Utilizing adjustable suspension is particularly effective for fine-tuning overall performance.
  • Transmission: Enhancing the transmission optimizes power delivery and speed. A better transmission improves acceleration and top speed. Look for quicker shifts and better durability. Performance clutches and gear sets are also good options.
  • Lighter Wheels: Install lightweight wheels to reduce your car’s weight. Lighter wheels improve acceleration and handling. Choose wheels made from high-strength, lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. Make sure they are durable for your races.
  • Nitrous System: Adding a nitrous system gives you temporary speed boosts. Nitrous oxide provides a significant power increase for short bursts. Use it strategically during races to gain an edge. Ensure your engine can handle the extra power.

Make Your Designs

CarX Street game allows you to design your cars creatively and stand out on the track. Here’s how you can make the most of the design tools available:

  • Create Unique Designs: You can use various design tools to create unique patterns, graphics, and color schemes. Have fun experimenting with different designs to see what looks best. Don’t hesitate to try out bold and unconventional patterns.
  • Save and Share Your Designs: Once you’re happy with your design, save it and share it with the CarX Street community. Unique designs can gain recognition, and exceptional ones might even be featured, showcasing your creativity to other players.
  • Participate in Design Contests: Join design contests and share your work online. It helps you gain more visibility and recognition. Keep improving your design skills to create cars that are not only beautiful but also functional.

Advance Customization of Cars

If you’re interested in advance optimizing your car performance, tuning can be an important factor.

Advance Customize Your Appearance

Step 1: Check Your Current Performance

Understand your current performance by focusing on metrics like 0-60 mph acceleration time, but remember that bugs can sometimes cause false readings. Establishing a dependable standard for testing is crucial.

Step 2: Optimize the Engine

Go to the tuning shop and look at the engine settings. The most important ones are torque settings (low, medium, and high) and the rev limiter.

  • Torque Settings:
    • Low Torque: Assists with initial acceleration.
    • Medium Torque: Balances general performance.
    • High Torque: Supports power high at high RPMs.
    • Aim for torque values between 300 and 400 for the best performance.
  • Rev Limiter:
    • Set it around 7,000 RPM to maintain engine efficiency and power.

Step 3: Consider Engine Swaps

If your current engine is not good enough, swap it for a better one. Avoid engines with poor performance. Reliable options like the HQ 37 or LSS offer excellent torque and power.

Step 4: Choose the Right Parts

When upgrading, pick parts that give the best performance for their cost.

  • Exhaust Systems: Choose ones that boost medium torque.
  • Transmission: A six-speed transmission offers smoother shifts and better top speed.

Step 5: Fine-Tune the Transmission

Adjusting the transmission helps with smooth and powerful gear changes.

  • Ultimate Transmission Parts: These offer the fastest shifts.
  • Gear Ratios: Start with the first gear at 3.0, the second at 2.0, and lower ratios for the gears. This balance ensures good performance.

Step 6: Adjust the Body and Weight

A lighter car performs better. Use the best lightweight parts and aim for a 50/50 weight distribution to improve balance and handling.

Step 7: Improve Suspension and Handling

Invest in quality suspension parts suited to you.

  • Drift Cars: Use minimal downforce and higher camber settings for smooth slides.
  • Race Cars: Maximize downforce and fine-tune suspension for stability at high speeds.

Step 8: Choose the Right Wheels and Tires

The right tires and rims are crucial.

  • Rims: Make sure they fit well.
  • Tires: A width of about 285 offers good grip and performance. Adjust the sidewalls and pressure based on the handling of the car.

Step 9: Make Final Adjustments

After upgrading and installing all parts, fine-tune everything:

  • Camber: Ensure tires are flat against the ground for maximum contact.
  • Height: Lower the car just enough to avoid tire clipping.
  • Spacers: Adjust for better handling and looks.
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Testing Your Custom Car

Before racing, test your customized car to ensure all modifications work together. Take it for a drive, check handling, speed, and stability, and note any issues. Fix one thing at a time, like suspension or engine, and test again. Use different tracks to test racing conditions. When everything feels right, your car is ready to race.

Keep Improving Your Car

Customizing your car is an ongoing process. Use the latest parts, learn from top players, stay updated on trends and parts, join the CarX Street community, and practice a lot to make smarter choices for your car.


CarX Street offers thrilling racing with customizable options like paint, stickers, and performance upgrades for a unique and improved driving experience. Customization in CarX Street enhances the game. Test and tweak your car to stay competitive. Join the CarX Street community and keep working on your cars to make them the best on the track.

How to Customize your favorite Cars in CarX Street Game 2024
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How to Customize your favorite Cars in CarX Street Game 2024
CarX Street offers thrilling racing with customizable options like paint, stickers, and performance upgrades for a unique and improved driving experience.
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